Contact us if you have any questions about this item
or for assistance placing your order.


Custom Fitting Info: When you place your order Please email the following info for fitting or specify the shaft length and flex that you prefer, otherwise clubs will be built standard length and flex.
- Your age & height measurement.
- The distance you hit your driver and seven iron when you hit them well.
- The distance from your wrist joint to the floor as you stand erect with arms hanging naturally at your sides. (see diagram)
- Please specify if you prefer an oversize grip.
We will contact you by Email when you make your purchase to confirm your fitting info or specifications.

Buyer pays $ ___ for SHIPPING... We custom build and ship clubs upon receipt of cashiers check, money order or credit card payment through Paypal. customer please allow 6-9 business days for assembling clubs and final delivery to your address. All clubs are custom built. Customer satifaction is 100% guaranteed. Clubs are warranted for 2 years against defects from material or workmanship. Clubs can be returned within 30 days for a full refund of purchase price.

Attention International Customers... USPS Airmail Shipping charge to Canada is $ ___. To UK, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand is $ ___. Email us for shipping charges to locations not listed above. International orders normally take 5-9 days transit time.

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