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Snake Eyes Fire Forged Pro C.O.R. Driver

...320cc Snake Eyes Fire Forged Pro C.O.R. conforming drivers allow all golfers to enjoy the heat off the tee these drivers are quickly becoming synonomous for. Although just below the USGA's ceiling for Coefficient of Restitution, Fire Forged Pro C.O.R. drivers are still computer-modeled for face thickness and maintain virtually all the same design features as the non-conforming model to deliver powerful drives time after time. - Totally new engineering testing and analysis of the natural frequency of the clubface during impact allows Golfsmith to design this USGA-conforming version of the Fire Forged drivers just under the USGA's limit for coefficient of restitution. This became possible when Golfsmith's computer impact model detected that certain face shapes vibrate more than others at impact. The more vibration in the face, the more loss of energy there is at impact. So, by finding just the right combination of face thickness and face shape, Golfsmith can construct the Fire Forged Pro C.O.R. to push right up to the USGA's C.O.R. limit without exceeding it... 9*, 10* and 11* available...

Club custom built with Snake Eyes Logo graphite shaft(s-flex) and Snake eyes Players softie grip or a variety of others to choose from... for help with custom fitting or for additional info on our line of custom built clubs...

...Buyer pays 8 dollars for shipping... We custom build and ship clubs upon receipt of cashiers check, money order or credit card payment through Paypal... customer please allow 7-10 business days for assembling clubs and final delivery to your address... all clubs are custom built.

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Pay me securely with any major credit card through PayPal!
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